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Artilect I-54 - Readout: First Contact

I modeled this drone and its variations for the game Readout: First Contact.

Concept: Fernando Pérez -
Textures: Alejandro Arboleda -

Dual Mirror Games game asset. Readout: First Contact™ ©2017 Dual Mirror Games S.L. All rights reserved. Activate HD in viewer Artilect I.54

A intelligent but non sentient drone mass produced by the Cyvar Union. Alone, Artilects are weak and just a nuisance for federal fighters, but in battle they always attack in big squadrons, swarming the enemy and targeting weakpoints for maximum effect. Artilects usually carry two light blasters and are capable of impressively tight turns and direction changes. MEASUREMENT LENGTH: 6.1m BEAM: 3.7m HEIGHT: 3.4m

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Artilect I-54 Readout: First Contact