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Vindicator I-27 - Readout: First Contact

This is the original ship Vindicator I modeled for the game Readout: First Contact.

Concept: Fernando Pérez -
Textures: Alejandro Arboleda -

Dual Mirror Games game asset. Readout: First Contact™ ©2017 Dual Mirror Games S.L. All rights reserved.

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The Vindicator all-purpose light craft is a mainstay of the Cyvar armed forces. Capable of hovering in place and reaching decent speeds, it is prepared for combat in most battlefield situations. Armed with a ventral medium cannon and rocket launchers it excels at medium and close ranges. It is well armored and its powerful engines allow for every high accelerations. Because of its complex flight systems, it is usually piloted by androids, but some augmented humans are up for the challenge.

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VINDICATOR I-27 - Readout